DAGGER is a solo performance and video project, performed, created and scored by Mac Low, in collaboration with a host of designers. It was "in progress" from 2005-2008, with approximately seven different iterations...so far.

Based loosely on Shakespeare's play Macbeth, DAGGER uses the language and the situations of the play as a fractured mirror of our own times of unsettled political interventions, explosive backlash and impotent demagoguery. DAGGER is a live suspense film, a series of questions, a collection of forces and resolutions--a solo with one body and many voices that digs into the inner life of tyrants and the tyrants inside us, investigating the motivations and consequences of the human lust for political power, and encouraging viewers to question what's said to them, how it's said and where it's said.

With DAGGER, Mac Low began a process of making work where each iteration tested out methods of making rather than actual material, so no two performances were alike, and the same content would find different forms. Each "in-progress" piece has been a complete performance in its own right, a one-time experience that is not repeated in the next "in-progress" piece.

The last DAGGER-in-progress, RUI(NATION), was performed in February, 2008, at the Kitchen in New York City.

MURDER is a habit that REMORSE cannot cure (2007)

RUIN (2006)

WHICH (2006)

BLADE (2005)

GHOST (2005)

Photo credit: Carolina Kroon c2007

Photo from "MURDER is a habit that REMORSE cannot cure" 15 Nassau St. LMCC Swing Space, New York City, January 2007