Public Blunders (2001-2004)

Public Blunder #7

Public Blunder #6: Wha--? Err... (2004)




Public Blunders are darkly comic solo rituals that dissect and reveal vulnerability through mayhem, slapstick, and carefully planned accidents. In the Public Blunders, I use my own experiences and translates them into movement, schtick and highly altered covers of classic pop songs, all blended to make entertaining and disturbing feats of performance. In every one, there are stumbles and exposures that look like they may or may not be mistakes. Non-specific characters and theatrical states flow from outrageously bold to excruciatingly shy in an exploration of all the ways we live in the world. I work with pure presence, and the electric connection between performer and audience is paramount.

In these intimate, intelligently raw solos, the most embarrassing situations are uncovered through a smoky lens of interrupted, ridiculous seduction. Everything’s hanging by a thread here, but all mistakes are intentional—or are they? This is left up to the audience… They celebrate vulnerability and awkwardness and the energy contained in the earnestly misplaced enthusiastic gesture, and bring out the redemptive power of humiliation.

Autobiography is biography—when you peel your own skin back to the basics, you can connect to that part in everybody else. According to audience feedback, one of the strengths of the Blunders is that everyone takes away a different story, experiencing their own particular resonance. It is in the end the interaction with the audience that makes the Blunder what it is.

Public Blunder #1: Gone (2001)

Public Blunder #2: Lost (2001)

Public Blunder #3: HOT (2001)

Public Blunder #4: Yearn (2002)

Public Blunder #5: Hello! (2002)

Public Blunder #6: Wha--? Errrr... (2004)

Public Blunder #7: Good Fortune (2004)