ArtCraftTech is a short-term problem-solving conference that creates a dialogue between several creative disciplines, bringing together artists, craftspeople, scientists, and technology experts to work on a problem outside their field of expertise in a spirit of open inquiry, inviting input and feedback from the public. ArtCraftTech, or ACT, offers the interdisciplinary team the freedom to be as creative and imaginative as they want to be, and then brings a general public into the process. Respect for all perspectives is a given, and everybody’s problem-solving capacities can be exercised in a low-pressure, playful context. It is the hope that this experience will spill over into other parts of life and that all the participants will gain confidence, a new perspective, an opened mind and be galvanized to ACT in their everyday lives, becoming engaged with problem-solving on a local and global level. More about how ACT works here.

Take a look at some experience and theory (from "crowdsourcing" and social network theory) that suggest that problem-solving by non-experts can be very fruitful.

Tracing trash2

Trash Vitrine close-up Trash Vitrine close-up


Art CraftTech 2010 (ACT10): Tracing Trash. 

Our discussion about food justice and urban land use led us to a natural end conclusion: garbage. Where does it come from, where does it go, and what's in it?

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