Kimchi Pancake Project


A fund-raising initiative by Saul Melman

In August 2009, I will participate in Genesis Project, an artist residency organized by Culture Push.

Resident artists are required to raise $500 from outside sources as a means to promote community involvement and support the costs of the residency program.

The Kimchi Pancake Project (KPP) is a fundraising initiative that reflects the mission of Culture Push : to build community through the exchange of ideas. KPP offers you a hands-on lesson in making and eating a kimchi pancake.

The Kimchi Pancake Kit (KPK) is a unique, portable operations system. KPK contains all necessary materials, from fire to fish sauce, for the creation of kimchi pancakes by the novice to the 5 star chef.

In exchange for your tax-deductible donation of $20 or more toward Culture Push, I will bring the all-inclusive KPK to your designated location.

Saul lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  Contact Saul at to schedule your Kimchi Pancake Experience.

If you would like to donate to the Kimchi Pancake Project go here