Fashion Re/Action 

In 2010 and 2011, Culture Push partnered with JEM Fabric Warehouse to produce the Fashion Re/Action Festival, a 6-week series of collaborative events, studio workshops, lectures, happenings and process art around issues of fashion, do-it-yourself, sustainability, and industrial and consumer waste.  We invite participants to become an active player in a more sustainable fashion system as we playfully re/design and re/imagine what can be done with discarded materials.  Check the link above for current schedule information.

The Fashion Re/Action Festival grew out of Clarinda Mac Low's Salvage/Salvation project and our past Studio Marathon program: 


Studio Marathons are all day creative socializing. Free and open to everybody to drop by and join the theme of the day--drawing, collage, knitting, sewing, or . . .

Past Studio Marathon events include:



Some examples of earlier Culture Push workshops include:

  • Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte mask making and performance, taught by Arturo Vidich. He can adjust the complexity of material and structure the curriculum to accommodate group or individual sessions, children or adults. Click here for the archive of past workshops.
  • Workshops for young adults, facilitated by Clarinda Mac Low, to create performance work based on their lives. Participants are paid a stipend and treated as professional artists. For an example, WHO YOU SEE/WHO I BE (1994-1998), click here.